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Operating System - This program works on Windows-Based PCs and Laptops. All versions have been tested to work including 7, 8 and Windows 10

File - File default name is KeySnatch.exe you can rename it and it will still work as long as it is .exe - This file is only 176KB

Running - To activate program run the KeySnatch.exe file. It will ask you to choose a password which you need to match twice. Once you select it you need it to access the program once closed.

Recording Settings

Recording File Location -This is where your log files will be stored. It can even be stored on a flash drive. Ideally you will choose logs.dat or keys.dat but make sure you specifiy the location by browsing your drive and selecting a folder. If you have chosen to purchase Invisible-Folders program, you should add the log file to the Invisible Folders so you can hide/encrypt these files.

Transmission Settings

Mail Server - Usually the STMP port. This is where your email is sent from. is an example of one. If you can't get yours to work you can easily open a free account at

Port -Usally is 25, but some emails use different ports, so be sure to check your email providers documentation.

Sender's Address -This is your email address

Sender's Password -This is your email password. This is not recorded anywhere, it just authenticates with your mail server.

Receiver Settings

Receiver Email -Where your want logs and screenshots to be sent.

Mail Subject -What you want the email to say. You can change the title to "Work/Time Reports" to not raise suspicion.

Time Settings

Send Logs Every -This specifies how often you want logs to come. Be sure not to put it too often if you do not want to get a report every hour.

Take Screen shot every -This specifies how often you want a screenshot taken, again, if you do it every minute you will get A LOT OF EMAILS WITH SCREENSHOTS. Keep it reasonable at first not to be overwhelmed.

FTP Upload Settings

FTP Server -Normally it is

Port- Most are 21, but some are different.

FTP Account - This is your username

FTP Password-This is your FTP account password. If it is not correct files will not upload.


View Logs -Instantly pops up file set in "Recording File Location". If all is correct the file will show what is currently already been logged.

Upload to FTP Server - This uploads the files to the specified FTP server. Obviously won't work if FTP settings are not inputed or are incorrect.

Send Via Email - This instantly sends the logs via email regardless of set intervals.

Upload to FTP Server -This uploads the files to the specified FTP server. Obviously won't work if FTP settings are not inputed or are incorrect.

Reset Password -You can change your password here.

Exit - This closed program. It will ask you if "you want to save status/changes", if you press "yes" it will save all the current settings as they are but the program will not be running. If you want to "close" the program and run it, you should press X. To reactivate the program you need to strike the Hot-Key.

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